How to Avoid Unsuccessful Relationships

Good relationships are built on respect, trust, honesty, sociability and the ability of both partners to maintain their individuality. Bad or unhealthy relationships from single girls site can be described with opposite characteristics – disrespect, cheating, lies, lack of communication and the desire to change the nature of a partner. If your current relationship regularly suffers from the manifestation of such “symptoms”, and they can’t be called short-term, then there is a high probability that these are unsuccessful relationships that are better to end. Learn to recognize these signs of unhealthy relationships at the earliest stages.

  1. Addiction. A close relationship with a person in the grip of a pernicious addiction to something (drugs, alcohol, gambling, and so on) certainly brings misfortune. Pay attention to any signs of such addiction and, if they are certain, then try to protect yourself from developing relationships with such a person, no matter how lonely you may be. Any addiction is bad. Don’t mess with such people.
  2. Irritability. Living with an irritable person is like sitting on a time bomb: you never know at what point the explosion will occur. This quality doesn’t appear suddenly, without any reason. Warning signals are easy to notice: a partner goes out of balance because of the little things; he/she is impatient and restless, often raises the voice, and so on. Just imagine what can be with you in a year of relationships with such a person. At least, you can become an insecure person.
  3. The victim complex.Very few of us seriously think about why people tend to continually complain about their terrible past. But if your partner is inclined to blame others for their own problems and never takes responsibility, then beware: people with the self-esteem of “victims” see their lives as a chain of ill-starred misfortunes because of which they turn out to be warring alone against the whole world. They always say: “Why did this happen EXACTLY to ME?” Instead of asking themselves: “Why is this happening and how can I prevent trouble?”
  4. Super-controller. This is opposite to the “victim” – such people themselves make all the decisions, never consult with anyone and don’t ask for help, trying to fully control the course of their lives and, if possible, yours. Don’t confuse this with the usual self-confidence or high selfesteem. Super-controllers just don’t see the boundaries.
  5. Emotional withdrawal. Stay away from those who are emotionally closed! How many wonderful people around us dream of big and pure love! So, why bind yourself with someone who can’t or doesn’t want to open their hearts to your senses for some reason? Why waste your time and energy in agonizing attempts to hack this armored safe? There are people who are not ready for a close relationship because they are too emotionally closed. They can neither talk about their feelings nor show them and resist any interference in the emotional sphere of their lives.

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